Community and Business Development: Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Operating Commitments

Community & Business Development LLC (CBD) is a not-for profit 501 (c) (3) Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) dedicated to building and preserving quality affordable housing created in 2015 as a self-sustaining nonprofit housing organization. Our headquarters are based out of Georgia, but we have satellite offices all over the southern United States. 

At CBD we believe that every person deserves the opportunity to live in safe, decent and affordable housing. Our programs target the housing needs of low-income families and other under-served populations who do not have acceptable housing options through conventional financial channels. All CBD programs are offered in 3 states, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas with special attention given to rural areas and other select target areas.

Community & Business Development LLC (CBD) is a multi-state land banking and land trust initiative which assists local nonprofit and governmental entities with the acquisition and redevelopment of distressed properties. We strive to develop partnerships and collaborations with local, state, and national housing based organizations. We combine our expertise in acquiring land and foreclosed properties with local developer’s knowledge of best construction practices and community needs.

Community & Business Development LLC's (CBD) commitment to creating increased housing opportunities is at the core of our culture. It is evident in how we conduct an ethical, transparent business and in how we interact with our network of residents, communities, board, co-sponsors, volunteers, investors, partners and each other.

We are Ethical: We maintain high ethical standards in the conduct of business.

We are Accountable: We are accountable for the quality of our job performance, the responsible stewardship of the resources entrusted to us and for exemplifying our core values of respect, justice and mercy.

We are Advocates: We advocate on behalf of the economically poor and support housing-related programs, policies and like-minded groups that create opportunities for them to create positive change in their lives.

We are Diverse: We create an environment that supports and encourages diversity throughout the extended Community & Business Development LLC's community.

We are Collaborative: We work collaboratively, seeking the input of those who are affected by our work, internally and externally, and partner with like-minded groups to achieve our mission.

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